Relief Muscle Massage Oil

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Are you facing these?

  • You feel like your muscles are always tight or strained and it prevents daily activity?
  • And it persist when trying to relax, go to sleep, when asleep, or resume when waking up?
  • Become a stressful person due to great immobility experience?

YES? Are you worsening it?

Are you sure your massage oil helps you?

Do you want your massage oil has these specialties?

  • Increased Healing Power
  • Stress Reduction
  • Pain Relief

Aromatherapy Therapeutic Oil – Relief Muscle is just for you!

The combination of essential oils used in this formula is valuable to sore muscles and joints. Relief Muscle has a soothing yet spicy fragrance of Ginger and Black Pepper. One will notice a slight warming of the skin where applied and eases aching muscles.

Fragrance of Ginger and Black Pepper.

Rub onto body skin and massage gently. Can be used frequently.

Slight warming of the skin might be bothersome to hyper sensitive skin.

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